Environment : Environmental Management Environmental Education / Enlightenment Activities

Environmental Education and Enlightening System for Employees

Fujitsu General Group conducts systematic environmental education and enlightenment in order to promote the enhancement of environmental awareness and positive activities for environment.

Environmental Enlightenment Activities

The Fujitsu General Group is implementing an environmental month event in June every year aiming to improve environmental awareness and knowledge for all employees.

In FY2022, we conducted an e-learning course on "Environmental Course - EMS and Compliance Obligations".

We will continue to raise awareness of environmental issues through such event.

Environmental Education

The Fujitsu General Group also provides environmental education in training for new employees and training for managers.

As department-specific training, in FY2022, guidance was provided on competence management, skill maps, and compliance obligation management.

In addition, training was conducted by external instructors for the purpose of improving the skills of ISO 14001 internal auditors.