CSR Main Points of CSR Procurement Guideline

Objective and scope of the guideline

The Fujitsu General Group aims to become a "global environmentally advanced company" that contributes to the realization of a prosperous society that is compatible with sustainability, security, safety, and comfort, by pursuing sustainable growth throughout the group and enhancing corporate value. In order for an organization to fulfill its social responsibilities such as respect for human rights, consideration for safety and health, and compliance with laws and regulations, not only in-house but also in the supply chain, appropriate measures including promotion of "CSR Procurement" must be addressed. The Fujitsu General Group regularly investigates and evaluates our suppliers' CSR efforts and requests corrective measures for items with a low evaluation. We would like to ask our suppliers for their support and cooperation as we aim to further promote our activities in partnership with our suppliers.

As we aim to encourage our suppliers to further promote and strengthen corporate CSR activities, we have based this Guideline on the RBA Code of Conduct (Version 6.0) formulated and announced by Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and the Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guide Book issued by the material committee of Japan Electronics Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA).

The items relating to human rights in this Guideline are based on international human rights standards including the "ILO Declaration of Basic Principles and Rights in Labor" and the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" which are both in accordance with the "Guidelines on Business and Human Rights Principles" and "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" adopted by the United Nations. We ask our suppliers including their business partners for their understanding and support for the items in this Guideline.

Please understand that the Guideline will be reviewed and revised according to the demands of the international community and will undergo changes according to the times.

Requests to suppliers

Basic policy of the Fujitsu General Group is to prioritize procurement from suppliers with a comprehensively high evaluation during supplier selection and evaluation. With the progress of globalization, the supply chain of the Fujitsu General Group has expanded to various countries and we recognize that our supply chain may have issues concerning aspects such as labor laws and environment. In order to promote initiatives aimed at reducing risks in these areas, we ask our suppliers to understand Purchasing Policy and CSR Procurement Policy of the Group as well as to share this information within their supply chain.

【CSR Procurement Policy】

1. Working with our Suppliers

2. Fair and Proper Evaluation and Selection of Suppliers

3. Promotion of CSR-Conscious Procurement Activities

【Key activities】


1) Freely Chosen Employment 2)Young Workers 3)Working Hours 4)Wages and Benefits 5)Humane Treatment 6)Non-Discrimination 7)Freedom of Association


1)Occupational Safety 2)Emergency Preparedness 3)Occupational Injury and Illness 4)Industrial Hygiene 5)Physically Demanding Work 6)Machine Safeguarding 7)Sanitation, Food, and Housing 8)Health and Safety Communication


1)Environmental Permits and Reporting 2)Pollution Prevention and Resource Reduction 3)Hazardous Substances 4)Solid Waste 5)Air Emissions 6)Materials Restrictions 7)Water Management 8)Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions


1)Business Integrity 2)No Improper Advantage 3)Disclosure of Information 4)Intellectual Property 5)Fair Business, Advertising and Competition 6)Protection of Identity and Non-Retaliation 7)Responsible Sourcing of Minerals 8)Privacy


1)Company Commitment 2)Management Accountability and Responsibility 3)Legal and Customer Requirements 4)Risk Assessment and Risk Management 5)Improvement Objectives 6)Training 7)Communication 8)Worker Feedback, Participation and Grievance 9)Audits and Assessments 10)Corrective Action Process 11)Documentation and Records 12)Supplier Responsibility

【Responsible Minerals Procurement】

The policy of the Fujitsu General Group is to exclude from its products, components and supply chain any minerals that give rise to conflicts or minerals that are at high risk of being associated with forced labor or human rights violations.