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Thank you for contacting us to request additional information about our handling of your personal information. For general information about our privacy practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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In case your agent is contacting us

To help facilitate our processing of your request, provide documentation supporting the basis of your authorization (e.g., a written authorization that the person has authorized you to make a request on their behalf).

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In case you are an ASC/ASCL user based outside the U.S. and Canada and you would like to make a request described in the “Your Privacy Rights” section of our Privacy Policy

Please provide the information requested below to assist us in responding to your request. We will respond to your request consistent with applicable law.

In case you are an ASC/ASCL user based in the U.S. or Canada

Please use the following form to make your request instead.

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In case you are not an ASC/ASCL user

You may make a request by contacting us using the contact details in the “How Can You Contact Us” section of our Privacy Policy.

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