Wired Remote Controller UTY-RLRY


Max. number of controllable units :
16 indoor units
Download :


  • On/Off/Weekly timer settings
  • A built-in thermosensor monitors and controls room temperature accurately.
  • When something goes wrong, an error code is displayed.
  • Error history (Last 16 error codes can be accessed)
  • 2-wire type

Compact and versatile

A single remote controller controls each connected indoor unit and provides a weekly timer function and a variety of energy-saving options.

Visually intuitive operation

  • The operation mode, set temperature, and fan speed are shown prominently on the top screen.
  • Each function to be set is guided by an icon.
  • The control guide makes it simple and straightforward to operate a remote controller.

Auto-off timer

The indoor unit turns itself off when a specified time has elapsed after the timer is activated.

Weekly timer

The weekly timer allows you to set not only on/off time but also the operation mode and temperature.

Energy-saving options

  • Set temperature auto return
  • Setting temperature range limitation


Model Name UTY-RLRY
Power Supply 12 V DC
Net Dimensions Height 120 mm
Width 120 mm
Depth 17 mm
Net Weight 170 g
12 V DC supplied by an indoor unit