Split Systems Cassette R32 Circular Flow Comfort for large room


Unique Circular Flow design

Cassette type realizes Circular Flow to blow large airflow in 360º direction by mounting high performance DC fan motor, turbo fan and unique seamless airflow louver design.

Human sensor increases more energy saving Energy saving operation starts automatically by detecting the motion of a person. 2 modes of save operation mode and stop mode can be selected.

Comfortable air conditioning by preventing direct blowing of cold air and by providing swinging air flow simultaneously.

Efficient air conditioning based on the room layout

Individual louver control

Each louver can be set individually by Touch Panel Wired Remote Controller to enjoy the comfort of different directional airflows according to various room layouts.

Touch Panel Wired RC (UTY-RNRYZ3)only

Compact and lightweight outdoor unit

45 model outdoor unit was changed completely. Easier installation was realized by compact and lightweight outdoor unit.

Touch Panel Wired RC (UTY-RNRYZ3)only

Low ambient operation

Various Cassette Grille

Both, black and white color grilles are available. There are three types: white color grille with Remote Controller, only white color grille and only black color grille.

Selectable according to the atmosphere and/or usage of the room.

Touch Panel Wired RC (UTY-RNRYZ3)only