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Fujitsu Air Conditioning (UK) has further demonstrated its commitment to industry training by donating thousands of pounds worth of high quality equipment to Eastleigh College, Hampshire. As a result, students, apprentices and local contractors can now learn about the very latest air conditioning systems and technology.

The donated equipment, which comprises a number of the latest fixed systems, was installed in the College’s refrigeration and air conditioning workshops to help prepare the students for their future careers. Plus, local engineers will be able to work on typical commercial and residential installations, including a new Heat Recovery VRF system that is only available in a few select UK colleges. There is also a mini VRF system (which is becoming increasingly popular in the residential sector), as well as multi and split systems.

Local contractors will also benefit from the new equipment as Fujitsu trainers will provide training courses in the College workshops throughout the year.

Shaun Creech, lecturer in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning at Eastleigh College, was thrilled with the donation, as he enthusiastically explained: “We have taken the training we offer our students to a whole new level, which will benefit those who are starting out in the industry, as well as those looking to progress their career and develop their skills. Giving our students access to the facilities used by professionals is invaluable and will give them a head start for their future careers.

“Kitting out the college with this specialist equipment gives students, Fujitsu technicians and local contractors the skills, knowledge and understanding of what it’s like to work in this extensive field.” Martyn Ives, Technical Service Manager at Fujitsu, added: “The College has established a good reputation for refrigeration and air conditioning, so it’s important to keep students up to date with the latest technological developments. By donating this modern equipment to the College, students and technicians throughout the industry will be more familiar with the products, helping them with their work both now and in the future.”

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