Ceiling ABMG36LRTA

Indoor unit and Outdoor unit

ALL DC 10 Years Warranty RANK : 5
Indoor Unit :
Outdoor Unit :
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  • Installation
  • Multi auto swing
  • Condensate lift-up mechanism (Option)
  • Easy installation
  • Fresh air intake
  • Low ambient operation

Feature Explanation Icons

Double swing automatic : Complex swing action of flaps enables automatically to swing both horizontal and vertical directions. Automatic fan speed : The micro-computer automatically adjusts the airflow effectively to follow the changes of room temperature. Auto restart : In the event of a temporary power failure, the air conditioner will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before, once power supply is restored. Auto-changeover : The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling modes based on your temperature setting and the room temperature. 10°C HEAT operation : The room temperature can be set to go no lower than 10°C, thus ensuring that the room does not get too cold when not occupied. Connectable fresh air duct : Outside air can be introduced by attaching field supplied duct to fresh air knockout and optional part. Economy mode : Thermostat setting automatically changes according to the temperature to avoid unnecessary cooling and heating. Sleep timer : The micro-computer gradually changes the room temperature automatically to afford a comfortable night's sleep. Program timer : This digital timer allows selection of one of four options : ON, OFF, ON;→OFF or OFF→ON. Filter sign : Indicates the filter cleaning period by lamp.


Cooling  9.4 kW
Heating  11.2 kW

RANK : 5


Power source Phase Single-phase
Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Capacity Cooling 32,780 BTU/h (9,500 - 38,200) BTU/h
Heating 38,200 BTU/h (9,200 - 43,300) BTU/h
Cooling 9.4 kW(2.8 - 11.2) kW
Heating 11.2 kW (2.7~ - 12.7) kW
Input Power Cooling 2.93 kW
Heating 3.02 kW
COP Heating 3.71 W/W
SEER Cooling 16.84 W/W
Energy Efficiency Class Cooling 5
Running Current Cooling 13.4 A
Heating 13.8 A
Moisture Removal 3.0 I/h
Sound Pressure Level Indoor (Cooling) High 47 dB(A)
Middle 43 dB(A)
Low 37 dB(A)
Quiet 32 dB(A)
Outdoor 54 dB(A)
Air Flow Rate Indoor High 1900 m3/h
Outdoor High 3800 m3/h
Net Dimensions
Height 240 mm
Width 1660 mm
Depth 700 mm
Net Dimensions
Height 830 mm
Width 900 mm
Depth 330 mm
Net Weight Indoor 46 kg
Outdoor 61 kg
Connection Pipe Diameter Liquid 9.52 mm
Gas 15.88 mm
Drain Hose Diameter Indoor 22.0 mm
Outdoor 25.6 mm
Max Pipe Length (Pre Charge) 50 (20) m
Max Height Difference 30 m
Operation Range Cooling -15 to 46 °CDB
Heating -15 to 24 °CDB
Refrigerant Type R410A


Indoor Unit : ABMG36LRTA

Indoor unit

Optional Parts

Wired Remote Controller
Simple Remote Controller
Drain Pump Unit
External Connect Kit
External Connect Kit
External Connect Kit
External Control Set
UTD-RF204 (Round)