Ventilation Outdoor Air Unit


One VRF system can provide air conditioning and air supply at the same time.

Outdoor Air Unit can be connected in a same VRF* system as one of indoor unit series and can create fresh and comfortable air supply together from our high advanced technology.

Connectable VRF series:J-IIS, J-II, V-II, VR-II In J-II series alone, OAU is prohibit to connect under the ambient temperature of 40°C or higher.

Make sure the connected capacity is within the range of 50% to 100% of the outdoor unit capacity. In addition, if there are mixed connections with indoor units, make the Outdoor Air Unit connection capacity 30% or less of the outdoor unit capacity.

High energy savings and flexible duct design by using DC motor

  • Greatly reduces electricity consumption by adopting permanent magnet compared to when using an AC motor.
  • Compared with AC motor, changing the speed makes it possible to respond flexibly to the external static pressure from 50 Pa to 240 Pa. Even if damper equipment is not used, static pressure can be adjusted and duct design is easy.
  • Static pressure can be set easily using wired remote controller.

Top class compact design

Top class lightweight compact design at just 425 mm in height, 55 kg in weight for ARXH072 type. This unit can be installed easily even at narrow space.

Various Controller

Supplied variety of controllers as options, such as individual controller, central controller, and building management controller.

Individual Controller

Wireless Remote Controller
Simple Remote Controller
Wireless Remote Controller
Wired Remote Controller (Touch Panel)

Central Controller

Group Remote Controller
Central Remote Controller
Touch Panel Controller
System Controller & System Controller Lite (Software)