FGLair™ app SET UP - STEP4: Pairing USB: RC type 3 - Easy connection


Tap [+] to add a new air conditioner.


Select the adapter type of your air conditioner.


Select a [Remote Controller Type 3].

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Read the note and tap [Next].


Select a [Easy connection].


Press the WPS button on the wireless router that you are connecting to. Refer to the operating manual of the wireless router for the location of the button and how to press it.

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7  * Remote controller shown is a representative model.

【RC type 3】

Press [WLAN] 2 times on the remote controller.


【RC type 3】

[L2] will be displayed on the remote controller display.


Select [02] using .


Press .

on the indoor unit will blink..


When the WLAN adapter find a connectable WLAN access point, the blinking will become slowly.

on/off = 1sec/1sec ⇒ on/off = 2sec/0.5sec


Press [Register] on the screen on the mobile app to start the connection with the wireless router.

Ckeck that the your mobile device is linked to the wireless router you are connecting the air conditioner.

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WLAN indicator lamp on the indoor unit will turn on.

The setting is completed.

The time to complete the setting is different depending on the communication environment.
It takes max 10 minutes to complete the setting.

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