April 26, 2024

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Fujitsu General Signs Strategic Memorandum of Collaboration with U.S. EaaS Provider

Accelerating deployment of energy-efficient air conditioners to promote a more sustainable society

Fujitsu General’s North American regional sales subsidiary, Fujitsu General America, Inc. (hereafter “FGAI”), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Budderfly Inc. The company is a fast-growing U.S.-based Energy as a Service (EaaS) company. Budderfly and FGAI are to pursue strategic collaboration focused on expanding the use of high-efficiency energy technologies in the light commercial market. Working together will help Fujitsu General to expand sales of its highly efficient AIRSTAGE VRF multi-air-conditioning systems for buildings and its AIRSTAGE Cloud*1 building HVAC management systems in North America. Fujitsu General is looking to boost the growth and progress of its commercial-use business through their combined efforts.

Budderfly offers a comprehensive range of energy equipment and control technologies for all kinds of building-related energy equipment. The company's proprietary technologies include equipment, range hoods, and high-efficiency energy solutions through its original integrated energy-saving software. Under this initiative, FGAI will provide its "AIRSTAGE" through Budderfly to the light commercial market, including major fast food chains, and will offer each customer design, installation, and after-sales support for air conditioning systems. Furthermore, combining systems with AIRSTAGE Cloud will make it easy for customers to deploy air conditioning systems at multiple properties. The system streamlines remote management, from equipment installation to operation and maintenance, without requiring detailed initial configuration of each system.

Adding Budderfly’s outstanding energy-saving expertise to Fujitsu General’s highly efficient VRF-based AIRSTAGE equipment and AIRSTAGE Cloud building HVAC management systems offers significant advantages to customers. They can avoid large initial investments in air conditioning equipment, hiring professional energy management staff, and labor burdens, which have all been serious issues up to now. At the same time, they can benefit from lower greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption through fixed-rate services. They also plan to link AIRSTAGE Cloud with Budderfly's integrated energy-saving software eventually, aiming to reduce the energy consumption of rooftops and other air conditioning systems by up to 60%.

Fujitsu General promotes sustainable management and pursues its business activities to shape a more sustainable society in collaborative endeavors with its customers. Following one of their key goals, “harmonious coexistence with our planet,” they promote replacing air-conditioning equipment with heat pumps that emit fewer greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, Budderfly is concerned about the slow renewal of air-conditioning equipment in U.S. commercial buildings. The company has striven to reduce energy use by providing efficient air-conditioning systems. As environmental consciousness in the U.S. continues growing, the two will cooperate to promote increased use of high-efficiency energy technologies in the light commercial market. In this way, they will help to achieve a net zero-carbon society.

Out of its fresh engagement with Budderfly, Fujitsu General expects to provide approximately 10,000 AIRSTAGE systems by the end of FY2028, corresponding to total sales of approximately $130 million.*2


An HVAC management system can remotely control and monitor HVAC systems at multiple properties simultaneously.

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