December 15, 2023

Fujitsu General Limited


Fujitsu General Participates in Tree-Planting Activity in São Paulo, Brazil

Trees capable of absorbing 8 tons of carbon emitted restored to Brazilian forests in conjunction with the FEBRAVA exhibition

The Fujitsu General Group has been promoting "Sustainable Management" based on the three pillars of "Harmonious coexistence with our planet," "Social contribution," and "Care for employees." As part of measures to coexist with our planet, Fujitsu General do Brasil Ltda. (FGB), a Fujitsu General Group company, participated in the tree-planting project "Carbon Neutralization" at Tietê Ecological Park in São Paulo, Brazil.

The project was organized by the Brazilian Institute for the Defense of Nature (IBDN). The aim was to reduce the environmental impact of FEBRAVA 2023, an exhibition on air conditioning and refrigeration. On November 10, the day of the project, FGB planted the 50 saplings needed to absorb its portion of carbon gases emitted for its participation in FEBRAVA 2023. The emissions are estimated to amount to 8 tons*1.

The Fujitsu General Group will continuously strive to promote sustainable management across all of its international bases, with the goal of minimizing environmental impact and enhancing corporate value.

[About FEBRAVA 2023]

This is South America's most extensive biennial air conditioning and refrigeration exhibition. The exhibition celebrated its 22nd anniversary this year. The event, which took place in São Paulo from September 9 to 12, drew in over 20,000 visitors and featured 364 global companies as exhibitors.

[FGB’s Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact]

IBDN awarded the company "Carbon Neutrality Booth Certificate" in recognition of its efforts to reduce its environmental impact during the course of its participation in the exhibition.

[Specific Initiatives taken by FGB]

• FGB selected cooperating companies responsible for producing and dismantling its exhibition booth from those focusing on environmental friendliness.

• FGB had its exhibition booth created using recyclable materials such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and Nappa, a resin sheet.

•FGB’s large MDF materials used for its exhibition booth are dismantled and reused for other events. Small MDF components, on the other hand, are collected and processed by specialized companies and transformed into toys, sneaker soles, and other products.

FGB employees planting 32 species of saplings, including "Paineira," a species native to the Atlantic Forest, with IBDN staff


Calculated by software that converts TCO2e, tons of carbon dioxide emissions per ton

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