November 7, 2023

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nocria Room Air Conditioner Wins Kawasaki CN Brand 2023 Grand Prize

First product certified for its contribution to carbon neutrality

Fujitsu General’s nocria room air conditioner for the Japanese market (2023 model) was awarded the inaugural Kawasaki CN* Brand 2023 Grand Prize. The prize was given by the Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand Promotion Council for its product and technology excellence. nocria is the first product to be certified under this new initiative.

Together with its customers and through its business activities, Fujitsu General is committed to "Sustainable Management" to contribute to realizing a sustainable society. The energy-saving heat pump technology in our air conditioners cuts greenhouse gas emissions, making nocria a product that genuinely embodies the Kawasaki CN Brand values.

Fujitsu General has been running its business from Takatsu-ku in Kawasaki City for 68 years, since 1955. In recent years, it has endeavored to perform joint demonstration experiments with Kawasaki City. Together, we nurture the next generation of talents through exchanges with elementary schools in the city. As a brand representing the local community, it is particularly special for the Fujitsu General Group to be honored with this Grand Prize this year. The Group is grateful that the prize marks the 20th anniversary of our launch of the nocria series.

[About the Kawasaki CN Brand]

This is an initiative of Kawasaki City to certify products and technologies that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions over their whole life cycle. From raw material procurement up to final disposal, the initiative will have a ripple effect on consumers, businesses, and society to promote carbon neutrality (CN). The initiative is run by the Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Brand Promotion Council, which is made up of Kawasaki City, the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion, the (Kawasaki) Liaison Center for Creation of Industry & Environment, and the Kawasaki Shinkin Bank.

• Certified products are eligible for favored treatment under the "Eco-Friendly Support Program for Businesses in the City."

The supply or installation of nocria products certified under this brand for updating air conditioning systems to more energy-efficient equipment will be eligible for subsidies. The eligibility is limited to small and medium-sized businesses.

* The eligibility for subsidies is subject to certain requirements. Note also that applications for subsidies will close after a specified budget limit is reached.

• About the certification ceremony

Fujitsu General will participate in the Kawasaki CN Brand Certification Ceremony to be held on November 15. The ceremony will be carried out as a stage event as part of the 16th Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair (November 15-16, at Culttz, Kawasaki). The Group will also have an exhibition booth at the fair, to showcase nocria products and Cómodo gear wearable cooling devices. These devices help to ensure personal safety and increase work efficiency in extremely hot weather.

[About nocria]

The name nocria was coined in 2003 by reversing the spelling of the word "aircon" (air conditioner). This symbolizes our desire to overturn the conventional wisdom of air conditioners.

Since then, Fujitsu General has developed a number of original air conditioners, for example, featuring the world’s first*1 automatic filter cleaning mechanism. nocria will continue to set new standards in the future.

Kawasaki CN brand logomark / "nocria" Z series indoor unit

Kawasaki CN brand logomark / "nocria" Z series indoor unit


* CN =
carbon neutrality
In room air conditioners for residential use, announced on September 26, 2002

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Kawasaki CN brand logomark / "nocria" Z series indoor unit (JPG : 850 KB)

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* nocria is a worldwide trademark of Fujitsu General Limited.