July 8, 2021

Fujitsu General Limited


Fujitsu General Wins its First Plus X Award for Outstanding Products

Its air conditioners are especially acclaimed for design and ease of use

Fujitsu General’s KR Series of ceiling-type commercial air conditioners for overseas markets was awarded “Best Product of the Year” in the Sanitary & Air Conditioning category of the Plus X Award 2021, given to outstanding products. This was the Fujitsu General’s first Plus X Award in the 18 years since the award was launched.

Plus X Award is an award initiative that honors innovative products and services from all over the world. It is sponsored by Media Society Networks, a German advertising and marketing company. The award focuses on 15 categories of products in three fields—technology, sports, and lifestyle. Products are reviewed and rated in accordance with seven criteria (Innovation, Design, High Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics, and Ecology). The Fujitsu General KR Series, which boasts exceptional design and easy maintenance, was highly acclaimed for achieving four of these “quality seals”—High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, and Functionality. Winning the Plus X Award has a significant impact on Fujitsu General’s brand strategy, because it serves as a testament to the innovation and high quality of its products.

【Features of the honored product】

KR Series

1. Design excellence of the indoor unit

The indoor unit is designed to harmonize with the interiors of overseas offices, stores, etc. With its curvy form, the indoor unit offers a lighter, less oppressive physical presence and looks good from anywhere in the room.

In 2020 the KR Series also won a Red Dot Award, one of the three major international design awards.

2. Easy installation in a variety of positions

The piping connections between indoor and outdoor units can be drawn out in any direction from inside the indoor unit (left, right, top, or back). This means that indoor units can be positioned almost anywhere in interior spaces, relatively unrestricted by the limitations of piping connections.

3. Safe and simple maintenance

The product is designed with a large opening on the front panel and a cover on the side to access electrical components, making it unnecessary to remove the unit. This clever feature makes maintenance and cleaning quick, safe, and easy, even at considerable heights.

KR Series indoor unit, PLUS X AWARD logomark, KR Series indoor unit installed in an office

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