March 31, 2021

Fujitsu General Limited


Creating a New Basic Policy on Sustainable Management

Achieving Carbon Neutrality by FY2030

The Fujitsu General Group has formulated a new basic policy on sustainable management that defines measures such as the initiatives for achieving carbon neutrality in the Group's business activities by FY2030 and the introduction of a "Sustainable Product" system through which we certify our products and services that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make major contributions to society.

Fujitsu General has positioned the expansion of its business through contributions to the realization of a sustainable society as a core part of its growth strategy. Fujitsu General will engage in sustainable management based on the three pillars of "harmonious coexistence with our planet," "social contribution," and "care for employees."

【Three Pillars:Key Initiatives】

Harmonious coexistence with our planet:Contributing to global warming mitigation measures Contributing to a circulating society

Social contribution:Fostering innovation to address social issues Providing a healthy, clean, and safe society and environment

Care for employees:Strategic implementation of health and productivity management Creating flexible work styles under COVID-19 Enhancing human resource development

Fujitsu General considers its Group corporate philosophy of "Living together for our future" to be synonymous with the SDGs core principle of "leave no one behind." Our entire Group will work as one to both address social issues and increase corporate value through innovation.

【Key points of our new policy】

Contributing to global warming mitigation measures

Achieve carbon neutrality (completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions) by FY2030

・Promote the transition to renewable energy and achieve carbon neutrality in our own business activities (Scope 1, 2)

Introduce a "Sustainable Product" system

・Aim 30% or above by FY2030 for the consolidated sales ratio of Sustainable Product-certified appliances and

【Comment from President, Representative Director, and CSO*1 Etsuro Saito】

Fujitsu General is making steady progress towards its ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by FY2030. Our responsibility is to promote the adoption of heat pump devices, which are highly effective at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and change the global heater culture, because fossil fuel-powered heaters are still the most commonly used types of heaters.

In order to create a future of happiness and security for customers, children, and society as a whole, Fujitsu General will promote sustainable management, putting its corporate philosophy of "Living together for our future" into practice and implementing its growth strategies.


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