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  • March 24, 2017
  • (NO.16-N05-41)

Releasing multi air conditioning system for buildings realizing high energy saving efficiency and compact design for North America

Accelerating the development of North American market continuing to expand the demand for ductless individual air conditioning

Our company will release multi air conditioning system for buildings "AIRSTAGE®" J-IIS series capable to connect one outdoor unit with maximum 8 indoor units from the end of March for the air conditioner market in North America. By adding J-IIS series realizing high energy saving efficiency and compact design to the product lineup, we will strengthen the proposal of business for small-scale stores, offices and small-scale condominiums and individual housings and accelerate the development of ductless type individual air conditioning market in North America.

In the air conditioner market of North America, the ducted type central air conditioning system*1 is prevailing but in recent years, the recognition of the ductless type individual air conditioning*2 which excels in high energy saving performance and easy installation is enhancing, and the further expansion of the demand is expected in the future.

As the J-IIS series with compact outdoor unit is suitable for the installation in the narrow space such as the gap between buildings or balcony and the place where the height of the equipment is limited due to the regulation of landscape conservation, we will aim to expand sales in North America mainly for small-scale stores, offices and housings.

Our company has been corresponding to the various needs so far from commercial use such as large-scale to small-scale properties and buildings to home use by each series of "AIRSTAGE". By the release of J-IIS series this time, we will tackle the spread and expansion of ductless type air conditioners in North America.



(Left: Outdoor unit AOU36RLAVS/48RLAVS) (Right: Indoor units [from top: ducted, wall-mounted and vertical ducted types*3])

Outdoor unit realizing high energy saving efficiency and minimum class compact design

1. Realizing high energy saving efficiency by original energy saving technology

By reviewing original energy saving technology such as "Small-size high efficiency twin rotary compressor", "High efficiency heat exchanger", "V-PAM inverter*4" and air blowing structure of outdoor unit, the high energy saving efficiency was realized in the class of both 3Ton(36,000Btu/h) and 4Ton(48,000Btu/h).

小Small-size high efficiency twin rotary compressor+High efficiency heat exchanger+V-PAM inverter*4 High energy saving efficiency

(Energy consumption efficiency)

  AOU36RLAVS(36,000Btu/h) AOU48RLAVS(48,000Btu/h)
SEER*5 19.7 18.8
HSPF*5 11.2 10.9

2. Compact outdoor unit of the smallest class in the industry allowing easy installation even in the limited space such as balcony

The compact outdoor unit of the smallest class in the industry was realized by adopting single fan and small-size high efficiency twin rotary compressor and reviewing the structure of outdoor unit. By this, the alternatives of installation layout were increased and the flexibility of the facility installation was enhanced not only for small-scale stores and offices but also for housings.

Suppressed the height to less than 1 meter by reviewing the structure of outdoor unit.

Installation example in such narrow space as under the window or in the balcony.

Abundant product lineup of indoor units

1. Lineup of indoor units

Abundant lineup of indoor units corresponding to the needs of the North American market was built up by standardizing conventional large multi air conditioning system for buildings and indoor units.

Capacity (Btu/h) 7,000 9,000 12,000 14,000 18,000 24,000 30,000 36,000 48,000 60,000
Small-size cassette
Large-size cassette
Slim duct
Medium Static Pressure Duct
High Static Pressure Duct
Vertical duct
Floor/ Ceiling
Large-size ceiling
Small-size wall-mounted
Large-size wall-mounted
Outside air processing unit

2. Adding new simple wired remote controller

For remote controllers, a "simple wired remote controller" was newly added to the conventional centralized controller.

By narrowing down the operation items and enlarging display screen and operation buttons, we designed the easy-to-operate remote controller when used by the unspecified number of people such as hotel guests.


Main specifications/Time of release/Production quantity

Power supply Single phase 208/230V 60Hz
Cooling capacity 3Ton (36,000Btu/h・10.6kW) 4Ton (48,000Btu/h・14.1kW)
Cooling SEER*6 19.7 18.8
Heating capacity 3.5Ton (42,000Btu/h・12.3kW) 4.5Ton (54,000Btu/h・15.8kW)
Heating HSPF*6 11.2 10.9
Dimension (HxWxD) 998×970×370mm
Weight 88kg
Time of release End of March, 2017
Production quantity 2,000 systems


*1 Ducted type central air conditioning:
System to send cooling and warm air generated by one indoor unit to each room and circulate the cooling and warm air through corridor, etc.
*2 Ductless type individual air conditioning:
System to circulate cooling and warm air to each room where indoor unit is installed. As the power can be turned on or temperature can be adjusted only for the necessary room, it has good efficiency and excels in energy saving performance.
*3 Vertical ducted indoor unit:
System to generate and send cooling and warm air to each room by vertical ducted indoor unit. Only by connecting this indoor unit to the outdoor unit of J-IIS, the conventional ducted type central air conditioning system can be replaced.
*4 V-PAM inverter:
"V-PAM inverter" is the technology to realize the high cooling and heating capacity and enhance the efficiency by broadening the output range of maximum voltage and minimum voltage of compressor compared with conventional inverter control.
Energy saving regulation in North America. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the period energy utilization efficiency and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) is the heating period energy consumption efficiency. The value in the table is the figure when combining wall-mounted and cassette types with indoor unit.
*6 Cooling SEER、Heating HSPF:
Value of energy consumption efficiency (SEER, HSPF) is the figure when wall-mounted or cassette type is combined with indoor unit.
"AIRSTAGE" is the registered trademark of Fujitsu General Limited.

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