(Air conditioning system for overseas)

November 21, 2017

Fujitsu General Limited / G. I. Holding S.p.A.


Collaboration on joint development of commercial air conditioners with Italian air conditioner manufacturer G.I. Holding S.p.A.

Basic agreement for comprehensive tie-up of products for overseas markets including Europe

Fujitsu General Limited (hereinafter “Fujitsu General”) and G.I. Holding S.p.A. (hereinafter “GIH”), an Italian air conditioning equipment manufacturer, made a basic agreement for the comprehensive tie-up including joint development related to commercial air conditioners.

In the future, Fujitsu General and GIH will jointly develop efficient and comfortable air conditioning units by combining technologies in which both companies excel, and are planning to sell the products under the brand names of both companies.

In the European commercial air conditioner market, while the market is expanding due to the evaluation of high energy saving performance of multi air conditioning system for buildings (hereinafter “VRF”) sold by Japanese manufacturers, the sales of air handling units (hereinafter “AHU”) and chillers made and sold by North American and European manufacturers are also steadily increasing.

Through this tie-up, Fujitsu General intends to strengthen the products lineup corresponding to the commercial air conditioner market and GIH can leverage the technologies and sales network of Fujitsu General toward the expansion of mutual business.

Both companies will continue discussions for the expansion of sales of commercial air conditioners in Europe and other markets of the world.


<< About G.I. Holding S.p.A. >>

Name of company:G. I. Holding S.p.A

Location:Latisana, Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy


Type of business:Manufacturing and sales of air conditioning equipment such as air handling units and chillers

Production bases:Italy, Hungary, Malaysia

Sales bases:Italy, U.A.E., Malaysia

Brands:CLINT, KTK, MONTAIR, NOVAIR Operating business in 70 countries in the world

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