Environment : Environmental Management Activities for Reduction of Environmental Risks

Activities for Noise and Vibration Prevention

In order to prevent noise and vibration, the Fujitsu General Group's production and home appliance recycling group companies are continuously implementing soundproofing measures for equipment that can be a noise source.

Activities for Soil Pollution Prevention

For the construction of "Innovation & Communication Center" at Kawasaki Head Office, which was completed in June 2019, we conducted a soil survey based on the Soil Contamination Countermeasure Act and the Ordinance related to Conservation of Living Environment such as Kawasaki City Pollution Prevention. As a result of collecting and analyzing the soil of 136 blocks with area of 10m x 10m as one block, we found noncompliance in 50 blocks and the Class 1 Designated Hazardous Substances exceeding the groundwater environment standard at 14 spots as for the groundwater. We reported the result of the soil investigation of Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 Designated Hazardous Substances and the groundwater investigation to Kawasaki City.

In addition, for one block where the Class 1 Specified Hazardous Substance exceeds the wastewater standard, we cleared the standard value by purifying by the biotechnological method and completed the report to the local government. Monitoring is conducted four times a year starting in November 2019.

We will continue to implement the observation and monitor at the observation well.

Injection of biological agent (left) and Water quality measurement (right) at Kawasaki Head Office

Activities for Air Pollution Prevention

To prevent air pollution, the business offices and factories possessing smoke generating facilities are regularly measuring the amount of smoke such as NOx, SOx, etc. In addition, for the CFC emission control law, we are working on the proper management of business use air conditioners and refrigeration/freezing equipment and the grasp of the amount of CFC leakage, as well as stipulating internal regulations.

Collection of air quality sample of exhaust duct at FGA(THAILAND)CO., LTD.

Activities for Water Pollution Prevention

In order to conserve the water quality for surrounding water area, we carry out the proper management by strictly observing the waste water standards such as related laws and ordinances and regularly measuring pH, COD, SS (Note 1). The Aomori Business Office installed a groundwater purification facility and conducts purification and progress measurement every year as organic solvent exceeding statutory standards was detected from groundwater in the soil and groundwater examination conducted in 1999 (then Aomori Fujitsu General Ltd.).

Collecting water quality sample from wastewater treatment system at FGA(THAILAND)CO., LTD.

Activities for Chemical Substance Pollution Prevention

To prevent pollution by chemical substance, the procedure to prevent the diffusion at the time of leakage is checked periodically. Also, the equipment using polychlorinated biphenyl which was used in the factory premises in the past and the parts containing polychlorinated biphenyl used for the collected products are stored properly in the special storage warehouse of the head office until destruction treatment is carried out.

Training to handle lubricating oil leakage accident at Aomori Business Office

Inside the polychlorinated biphenyl storage warehouse at Kawasaki Head Office

Note 1 SS :
Suspended substances (Fine particles of insoluble solids with a particle diameter of less than 2mm suspended in the water)