Environment : Environmental ManagementGreen procurement

The Fujitsu General Group aims to create products that enrich the quality of life while remaining conscious of the need to protect the global environment. To this end, we are carrying out eco-friendly activities from the process of materials procurement with the cooperation of our suppliers.

Procurement activities based on green procurement standards

Fujitsu General Group is promoting green procurement activities in cooperation with Fujitsu Group companies and promoting the procurement from suppliers that comply with the requirement of green procurement based on the "Fujitsu Group Green Procurement Standards” common to Fujitsu Group. Also, regarding the environmental management system, CO2 emission reduction, water resource conservation and biodiversity conservation activities of suppliers, we are monitoring with the environmental investigation slip common to Fujitsu Group and requesting them to promote the activities.

Requirements to suppliers for green procurement

Construction of environmental management system (EMS)

The Fujitsu General Group is requesting suppliers the construction of environmental management system(EMS)to promote the environmental conservation activity by improving continuously. The environmental management system of suppliers is categorized according to the construction level, Level 3 (Acquisition of third party certificate of ISO14001, etc.) in principle, but we are supporting suppliers of Level 1 and 2 for construction and operation of environmental management systems.

Obtaining information on chemical substances

The Fujitsu General Group conducts a survey of its suppliers to identify the chemical substances contained in both parts and materials. The survey is conducted in accordance with the chemSHERPA(Note 3)scheme for communicating information on chemical substances contained in products. Briefing sessions are held for our suppliers. Information obtained is shared within the Group via an internal system and is strictly controlled.

Briefing for suppliers at Fujitsu General (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Establishment of Chemical Substances Management System (CMS)

In order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations speific to the chemicals contained in our products, we ask our suppliers to establish a CMS based on the "Guidelines for the chemical substances in products" of JAMP(Note 4).The Fujitsu General Group auditors visit supliers to check the status of CMS design and operation to provide support for upgrades as necessary.

Note 1 Suppliers of components:
Suppliers who supply components of Fujitsu Group products or OEM/ODM products.
Note 2 Simplified environmental management system:
Suppliers' own environmental management system.
Note 3 chemSHERPA:
(Chemical information SHaring and Exchange under Reporting Partnership in supply chain)
A scheme that facilitates sharing information on chemical substances in products.
Note 4 JAMP:
Joint Article Management Promotion consortium