Environment : Activities for reducing our own environmental burdens Contribution to environmental society

Supporting for and exchanging with local communities

Fujitsu General Group is positively engaged in the activities to deepen the support for and exchange with local communities.

Plant study tours (Fuji Eco Cycle Co., Ltd.)

Fuji Eco Cycle Co., Ltd., a company engaged in the recycling of home appliances within the Fujitsu General Group, conducts plant study tours.

Participants can learn how 4 items of electric home appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions) are dismantled, and what kind of recycled materials are produced.

In 2019, the company accepted approximately 700 visitors from nearby schools and municipalities.

Plant study tour

Local cleaning activities

Fujitsu General business offices (Kawasaki Headquarters, Matsubara, Hamamatsu, and Aomori) and Fujitsu General Electronics Co., Ltd. regularly conduct cleaning activities to contribute to the community by promoting aesthetic awareness of the surrounding areas.

Our Thai manufacturing subsidiariesFujitsu General (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. and FGA (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. also carry out cleaning activities.

Cleaning activities

(left: cleaning and volunteer activities in Thailand; right: cleaning activities around our Kawasaki Headquarters)

Participation in environmental conservation activities (Fujitsu General (Aust.) Pty Ltd.)

Our Australian sales subsidiaryFujitsu General (Aust.) Pty Ltd. participated in a tree-planting event at Wirrina Cove in South Australia utilizing a volunteer vacation in August 2019.

This event aims to expand the habitat of endangered wildlife species by planting various types of trees on the land that was cleared of nature as a result of settlement activities during the 1900s.

Tree-planting event in Australia

Rare plants conservation activity

Kawasaki Head Office is working on the biodiversity conservation by protecting and cultivating local rare plants. In collaboration with the “Eco-city Takatsu” promotion project sponsored by Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City, we evacuated Ebine (Calanthe discolor), species of orchid, which is rare plant endangered to be stolen, from the forest of Kawasaki City, and are conserving and cultivating in the premises of Kawasaki head office with the advice of expert. In the future, as soon as the proliferation of the Ebine is confirmed, we will continue to contribute to the local society by returning them to the forest where the Ebine inhabit.

Ebine growing with expert advice in the premises of Kawasaki Head Office