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Our Approach

The Fujitsu General Group aims to contribute to a sustainable society by making the most effective use of limited resources. The Group is committed to reducing material waste in the production process, reducing the amount of raw materials used in its products, as well as promoting recycling and the re-use of products that would have been disposed of in the past.

Promotion of resource saving design

Based on the belief that it is important to efficiently utilize the resources used for our products, Fujitsu General Group is promoting a resource saving design at the stage of product design such as reduction in size and weight and reduction in the number of parts.

Model Example

Cooling-only Air Conditioner for India (AOGG18CPTA-B)

【 Developed outdoor units about 15% lighter and smaller (-13% in weight and -17% in size) as compared to conventional units 】

By completely rethinking the design of the component parts utilized in the outdoor unit of a conventional cooling-only air conditioner, we were able to develop an outdoor unit that is around 15% more compact than conventional units while improving cooling capacity at high outdoor temperatures,which is particularly important for cooling-only airconditioners.

Main Lighter/Smaller Features
  • Compressor weight : 14% reduction
  • Heat exchanger weight/size : 10% reduction
  • Outdoor unit weight/size : 13% (weight) and 17%(size) reduction

The new compact outdoor unit

Reduction of Refrigerant Charge

By reviewing the structure and capacity of the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit, we achieved approximately an 18% reduction of the refrigerant charge as compared to our conventional model.

(In our model case, the charged refrigerant was reduced to 700 g as contrasted against the 850 g used in our conventional model. )

Promotion of recycling

Fuji Eco Cycle Co., Ltd. is promoting the recycling of collected used products. As part of that, we were able to recycle the door packing of refrigerator disposed conventionally as waste by decomposing and selecting manually into PVC resin and magnets from April 2018.

However, continuous shipment has become difficult due to the stricter import restrictions on waste in various Asian countries. Therefore, we newly developed a processing contractor that can make door packing into pellet and started shipment in FY2019.

In the future, we will continue to contribute to the efficient use of resources while responding quickly to the changes in the external environment.