CSR Customer Satisfaction

Initiatives in Japan

A system that utilizes customer feedback in the business

Our customer service call center handles both questions and opinions about our products, services, construction, parts availability, and others from our customer base. In order to utilize this feedback, we are now sharing it internally.

The "voice" of the customer is collated on a monthly basis and then shared with the relevant divisions within the company. We also keep the president and executives apprised of this customer feedback, in addition to issuing recommendations for improvement, when necessary, to the engineering divisions as well as having them analyze the customer data, all of which is undertaken to support improvement for the next model change.

日本国内での取り組み イメージ

Initiatives to boost overall quality of the call center operation

At our call center, various initiatives are being advanced to improve our telephone operators' skills, including how to handle the initial call, so as to ensure a smooth operation aimed at increasing customer satisfaction.

Overseas initiatives

We have established call centers at our sales companies in Brazil, China, and Australia. We hope these call centers will able to create new value by being places where operators have open minds to better empathize with customers and provide accurate information and swift responses to increase customer satisfaction.