CSR CSR Procurement Policy

In procuring products, materials and raw materials, Fujitsu General Group has formulated the CSR Procurement Policy and Guidelines with the aim of fulfilling social responsibility in the entire supply chain. It will do this by adding required items in light of the progress in measures taken for the environment, labor environment, human rights, etc. to the existing items such as quality, performance, price and delivery.

We share our CSR Procurement Policies and Guidelines with our suppliers and ask them to practice them within their companies.

CSR Procurement Policy

  1. Coexistence and co-prosperity with our suppliers
  2. Fair and impartial evaluation and selection of suppliers
  3. Promotion of CSR-conscious procurement activities

Key CSR activities to be requested from suppliers

  1. Labor initiatives (freedom of employment, humane treatment, elimination of discrimination, etc.)
  2. Health and safety initiatives (e.g., occupational safety, sanitation facilities)
  3. Environmental initiatives (e.g., pollution prevention and resource reduction, water management, reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions)
  4. Ethical initiatives (e.g., responsible mineral sourcing, information disclosure)
  5. Management systems (management accountability, risk assessment and management, auditing and evaluation, etc.)