CSR : Labour Practices Develop Talented People Willing to Take on New Challenges

Approaches to labour practices

"Valuing and investing in our people" is a key element of the Fujitsu General Group's business management policy, firmly grounded in the belief that the foundation of our company is the employees. We seek to maximize the potential of our people by creating a workplace where employees can pursue a healthy lifestyle while taking on new challenges without sacrificing their diversity.

"Valuing and investing in our people"

Key initiatives

Development of employees who take on new challenges on their own initiative

We believe the role of employee development and education is extremely significant for ensuring sustainable growth for the Fujitsu General Group. Our personnel system is a role- and rank- based system that clarifies the "roles of each rank." We urge employees of all ranks to voluntarily take on new challenges.

Support for voluntary learnin

In today’s rapidly changing world, the constant learning and growth of individuals is an essential element for the sustainable growth of the company. Accordingly, we have created an ondemand learning platform that enables employees to select topics they wish to study. We believe that each employee can contribute to the company’s performance by fulfilling their required role, and that the experience of spontaneous learning and the growth that accompanies it will contribute to job satisfaction and, ultimately, greater engagement with the company.

In order to develop human resources who can play an active role on the global stage, we are enhancing our education system and have established an on-demand learning platform for employees to acquire comprehensive skills such as cross-cultural understanding and communication skills, as well as English proficiency. At the same time, we are continuing our efforts to create a system that allows employees to gain experience through their work and make their own career choices.

Career ownership

In training for each level of employee, we enable employees to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their required roles. At the same time, we also encourage career autonomy through "career ownership" through which employees take control of their own careers, including envisioning their "aspirations, visions, and dreams (the future they want for themselves)". For managerial roles, we also provide training to make managers aware of supporting the realization of their subordinates’ careers and help them acquire specific methods for doing so.

Development of overseas engineers

To enable the excellent local engineers working at the Fujitsu General Group’s overseas sites (Thailand and Shanghai) to become human resources capable of leading local sites in the future, we conduct hands-on training at our Kawasaki Headquarters over two to three years.

Rank-based training

Rank-based training General training
(e-learning training, etc.)
Managers New manager training, management training, Labor management training Corporate Philosophy training
Human rights
Harassment prevention
SDGs training, etc.
Mid-level employees & general employees OJT, self-training for promotion to manager, leadership training
New recruits Onboarding, technical training, practical training in manufacturing

Training for new recruits

Basic training for new recruits is conducted for approximately two weeks upon joining the company. The areas covered include an overview of the company organization and proper business etiquette including societal expectations. After completing the basic training and being assigned to a specific business unit, additional departmental training is provided.

Training for new managers

The training is designed to develop managers who will be self-reliant. Revisited areas include the proper attitude a manager should maintain, managerial skills, and business strategy formulation.

Various types of e-learning training

E-learning training is conducted as appropriate. The necessary course materials are created by division and provided on the intranet for both executives and employees at all levels.

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