CSR : Labour Practices Raise Health Awareness and Create Workplace for Good Life

Approaches to labour practices

"Valuing and investing in our people" is a key element of the Fujitsu General Group's business management policy, firmly grounded in the belief that the foundation of our company is the employees. We seek to maximize the potential of our people by creating a workplace where employees can pursue a healthy lifestyle while taking on new challenges without sacrificing their diversity.

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Key initiatives

Health Management activities

  • Health interview with all employees (experience of a company where employees can consult with assurance)
  • Line Self-Care training (Positive Mental Health)
  • World Cafe Workshop (community, self-reliance and empathy)
  • Health events (creating community opportunities)
  • Use of the Health Design Center app (an app for smartphones that coaches users through daily exercises with AI)
  • Support and collaborate with companies and organizations looking to start Health Management, and give lectures outside the company

Prevention of occupational accidents & disaster preparedness

The Fujitsu General Group conducts a monthly Safety & Health Committee meeting to achieve zero occupational accidents. The main areas of focus include root cause analysis of any occupational accidents, discussion to prevent recurrence of such accidents, report of vehicle accidents involving company-owned vehicles operated by the sales/service staff, and consideration of recommended corrective actions. The meeting minutes are disseminated through the internal infrastructure. In addition, safety and health training is conducted as necessary at the time of hiring and new assignment. As part of an annual campaign to raise employees’ health & safety awareness, a billboard is set up each year in September at our Kawasaki Headquarters. The purpose of this billboard is to announce the coming of National Occupational Health Week, which starts on the first of October.

In November, evacuation drills are conducted in order to strengthen our initial response readiness in the event of a natural disaster, as well as to raise employee awareness of disaster prevention. In previous years, all employees at the Headquarters participated in this event, but in FY2021, 180 representatives from each workplace took part in this event as a measure against COVID-19. During the drill, the participants also practiced setting up sandbags to prevent flooding in the building, like in 2020.

In addition, a safety confirmation system is in place to quickly confirm the safety of employees in the event of a major disaster, and in preparation for such an emergency, regular drills were held twice in FY2021 to confirm the safety of employees using mobile terminals. There were no work-related fatalities and no serious accidents in FY2021.

Promoting safe driving

E-learning is utilized to promote safer driving, focusing on the prevention of accidents, raising safety awareness, and the traffic rules for employees who use company cars for business, and those who commute by private car, motorcycle, or bicycle.

Hazard prediction drill (KYT*1 Activity) at Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd., our manufacturer in Thailand, promotes the KYT activity companywide. The KYT activity is a method of predicting and pointing out potential hazards in work for the purpose of reducing accidents and disasters caused by human error.

In this activity, it is important to discover and analyze potential hazards in operations and workplaces, and to think of solutions, and to confirm the areas of danger and items to be conducted by finger pointing and calling. We will ensure safety in the workplace through the KYT Activity.

Abbreviation of Kiken (Hazard) Yochi (Prediction) Training.

Relevant Information (Links)

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