FUJITSU GENERAL Group Electronic Device Business

Our electronic device business primarily involves the manufacture of cameras, electronic parts, and semi-assembled components. All these products have been recognized as best-in-class by corporate customers in diverse industries for their superior technology and quality as well as for their competitive prices.

Our in-car cameras equipped with our proprietary image-processing technology offer superior performance and functionality, which makes them industryleading products.

Our rear cross traffic alert (RCTA) system, which is the world’s first object-recognition system built into a camera and constitutes a part of an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS), detects a vehicle approaching from the right or left behind and alerts the driver with an audible alarm and a blinking light on the display.

We supply industrial customers energy-efficient parts and semi-assembled components, such as power electronics devices, robot controllers, and motors. We also offer environmental equipment to contribute to ecological sustainability.

In the device business, we listen to customers around the world and incorporate their requests into product design in a timely fashion. One of our competitive advantages is the ability to manage the entire process in-house that ranges from designing and manufacturing devices to bringing them out to the market.

Fujitsu General Electronics (Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture) plays a central role in the Group’s electronic device business

HDR Analog HD* Camera for the Car

The global market for in-car cameras is projected to grow to 120 million units in 2020, driven by the increasing popularity of vehicles equipped with 360-degreeview cameras and ADAS as well as by the law mandating rear-view cameras on vehicles that became effective in the United States in 2018.

Nearly 70% of passenger vehicles on the road are equipped with car navigation systems in Japan today. Systems featuring a larger 10-inch display have been outselling those with a 7-inch monitor, and newer-generations of in-car cameras offer increasingly greater resolution.

Fujitsu General Electronics developed in 2016 the industry’s first analog highdefinition camera capable of capturing and transmitting high-resolution video via a conventional transmission cable. In 2018, the company unveiled an upgraded version that featured HDR (high dynamic range) capability, effective in capturing a scene of high contrast, such as a backlit scene.

The Fujitsu General Group will continue to have a sense of curiosity and passion in developing new products that will meet or even exceed customer expectations and bring safety and security to people around the world.

Analog HD is a system for capturing and transmitting HD-grade video by first converting digital HD signals into analog forms before transmission and converting them back into digital at the end of transmission.

High resolution video captured by a 120-megapixel camera

HDR analog HD camera