FUJITSU GENERAL Group Electronic Devices

We have a lineup in the solution business based on the main pillars of cameras, electronic components, and unit products. We have been highly rated in various manufacturing fields by providing solutions to the problems facing our customers such as technology, quality, and cost.

We are developing products equipped with our unique image processing technology, and our vehicle-mounted cameras are therefore leading the world with their high performance and functionality.

Our rear close traffic alert (RCTA) system is the first in the world where the camera itself is capable of object recognition processing. Its mobile object detection function analyzes video taken from an ultrawide angle rear camera to detect objects coming from both sides on the rear of a vehicle. Drivers are notified of danger with an alarm sound or a lit indicator on the monitor, allowing them to prevent accidents when parking or backing out. Our system has won wide acclaim as a preventative safety device.

Our electronic components and unit products promote high efficiency through the development of energy saving products in power electronics as well as industrial equipment such as robot controllers and motor drive units, and contribute to ecology with efforts also made on approaches to environmental devices.

We provide our customers with satisfaction through our pursuit of high quality and compact technology, and our manufacturing strength.

Rear View Camera for Vehicle
Rear View Camera for Vehicle