FUJITSU GENERAL Group Information & Communication System Business

Fire and Disaster Response Systems

We offer municipalities total solutions for fire and disaster response. We propose, manufacture, deliver, and maintain fire response systems that protect lives and property of residents as well as disaster response systems that ensure the safety and security of citizens.

Our fire response system is designed to provide a command center with such comprehensive information as the location of the first caller, the shortest route to take to the scene, the confirmed makeup and equipment of the firefighting team dispatched, and the confirmed conditions of the scene so as to assist the center in giving quick and precise instructions to firefighters rushing to the scene.

Our disaster response system enables reliable digital transmission of critical information—audio broadcast, images, and texts. Our systems are operated in municipalities around the country as part of advanced disaster response systems.

Fire and disaster prevention systems

Handheld Radio Communication Devices

We were one of the first in the industry to start using digital signal processing for modulation and demodulation circuitry in handheld radio communication devices to reduce the number of components in them and achieve better performance and reliability.

In 2017, we reduced the size of a handheld unit (pictured) to two-thirds of its predecessor to make it operate on smaller battery power. We will continue to work on new products that use digital-processing modulation and demodulation and high-frequency power amplification.

Industry’s first products

2002: Digital radio communication system for the emergency municipal radio communication network

2010: Digital radio communication system for fire and emergency response

Small handheld radio communication device

Private Sector Systems

We provide business customers with service solutions timely that meet their specific needs.

Solutions for Restaurant Business

We provide total solutions for restaurant operations that cover back-office operations, such as order placement, inventory management, and staff attendance management, and front-end operations, such as POS ordering system.

In addition, we offer restaurants BPO* services that help visualize, streamline, and standardize their operations to achieve greater productivity while allowing their staffs to work on more flexible schedules.

BPO (business process outsourcing) is a practice of outsourcing part of a company’s business processes to an external provider of specialized services.

Smartphone-based ordering system

POS system for a restaurant

Solutions for Outpatient Management

We offer a system that is linked with outpatients’ electronic medical records kept by a hospital and guides them through reception, examination, payment, and medicine pickup when they visit a hospital for treatment.

We also provide an on-screen patient-guidance system and patient-paging devices for use in a hospital.

On-screen patient-guidance system linked with electronic medical records and patient-paging system that works with smartphones

Solutions for Fruit-Sorting Business

We deliver a variety of information generated in a fruit-sorting facility in a manner tailored to customers’ individual needs. We also collect extensive information from fruit-sorting machines installed in the facility and store and deliver it to a customer.