FUJITSU GENERAL Group Business Overview

Air Conditioner Business

Air is always around us. Fujitsu General offers air conditioners designed to make room air clean and refreshing and bring ultimate comfort to customers anytime anywhere. Fujitsu General has been in the air conditioner business since 1960, when we introduced our first-generation window-mounted cooler for home in Japan. In 1971, we started marketing air conditioners in Kuwait, where outdoor temperature tops 50℃ (122℉) during the day and a cloud of dust looms over towns. In this challenging environment, our air conditioners performed as they should have and established the brand in this Middle Eastern country.

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Information & Communication System Business

Fire and Disaster Response Systems

We offer municipalities total solutions for fire and disaster response. We propose, manufacture, deliver, and maintain fire response systems that protect lives and property of residents as well as disaster response systems that ensure the safety and security of citizens.

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Electronic Device Business

Our electronic device business primarily involves the manufacture of cameras, electronic parts, and semi-assembled components. All these products have been recognized as best-in-class by corporate customers in diverse industries for their superior technology and quality as well as for their competitive prices.

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