Split Systems Cassette Circular Flow Series (Comfort for Large Rooms)



Unique circular flow design

This cassette type air conditioner is equipped with a high performance DC fan motor, a turbo fan, and a louver to propel powerful airflows in all directions.

Uniform air conditioning

The circular and wide vertical airflows achieve uniform air conditioning to the furthest corners of the room.

Individual louver control

Each louver can be individually controlled with a Wired Remote Controller with Touch Panel to provide different directional airflows according to the room layout.

Works only with the UTY-RNRYZ1 Wired Remote Controller with Touch Panel

Airflows avoid blowing cool air directly at the occupants in the room, providing more comfortable air conditioning.

Provides efficient air conditioning based on the room layout

Energy-saving human sensor

The built-in human sensor provides a sophisticated energy-saving solution. The sensor can be set to either make the air conditioner operate in energy-saving mode or stop operating when no human motion is detected.

2 modes are available to choose from:

Auto saving mode
The air conditioner switches to operate on reduced power when it detects that the room is unoccupied.
Auto-off mode
The air conditioner stops operating when it detects that the room is unoccupied.

Low ambient operation