SERVICE & SUPPORT Failure Diagnosis


Diagnosing failure symptoms based on the blinking patterns of the operation and timer indicator lamps or on an error code (service code).

1. Before diagnosis

・Check model name

・Check symptom

2. Start failure diagnosis

・Select model name

・Select symptom

・Receive diagnosis result

3. Request repair

・Request repair by phone or fax

・Request repair online from this website

1. Before diagnosis

Select the model name of your air conditioner and the symptom of the failure to diagnose.

Check model name

Failure diagnosis varies from model to model. Check the model name of your air conditioner so that the correct diagnosis can be performed.

How to check the model name (FAQ): How do I find the model name of my air conditioner?

Check symptom

When there is something wrong with an air conditioner, its indicator lamps will blink or light up in an unusual manner or an error code (service code) will be displayed. You need to enter the status of the indicator lamps on your air conditioner or the error code (service code) to start a diagnosis.

How to check the symptom (FAQ): What should I do when the indicator lamps on the indoor unit blink?

Failure diagnosis