Split Systems Wall Mounted iPower JET


220V Single-phase


High Efficient Compact Design

Compact design is realized by high density multi-path heat exchanger.

Air conditioner filter features

Antibacterial deodorizing pre-filter with special ceramic powder

Super Quiet Operation

Top class low noise operation by new airflow construction.

Our quiet operation makes the more comfortable environment in a bed room and a study room, etc.

Easy maintenance

Removable & washable panel

Low ambient operation (Heat pump type)

Removable & washable panel

Air conditioner filter features

Ion Deodorization Filter

The filter deodorizes by powerfully decomposing absorbed odors using the oxidizing and reducing effects of ions generated by the ultra-fine-particle ceramic.

Using different filters at both sides
Apple-catechin Filter

The Apple-catechin filter uses static electricity to clean fine particles and dust in the air.