Split Systems Medium Static Pressure Duct Compact & Comfort


220 V single phase


Creation of Comfort  New Inverter Ducted System Features

The combination of a V-shaped heat exchanger, an air stabilizer, and a high efficiency DC fan motor enables this unit to operate efficiently and quietly.

Automatic airflow adjustment

Improved installation flexibility

  • Can be installed in various applications that require static pressure ranging from 30 to 200 Pa.
  • The built-in drain pump elevates the drain by up to 850 mm.
  • As all models in this series have the same depth, you can make a selection based solely on capacity without taking the space factor into consideration.

Easy service and maintenance

  • A drain pump can be detached easily from the side of the unit.
  • Easy access to an electrical box
  • Error messages can be checked thoroughly against the error log.

Low ambient operation