Split Air Conditioners

Wall Mounted Basic






ASYG09LLC Indoor Unit

ASYG09LLC Remote Controller

AOYG09LLC Outdoor Unit

Cool2.50 kW
Heat3.20 kW

  • High Efficient Compact Design
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Powerful operation
  • Economy operation
  • More Convenient Timer
  • Easy maintenance
i-PAM control models Up / down swing flaps : The up/down flaps automatically swing up and down. Automatic air flow adjustment : The micro-computer automatically adjusts the air flow effectively to follow the changes of room temperature. Auto restart : In the event of a temporary power failure, the air conditioner will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before, once the power supply is restored. Auto-changeover : The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling modes based on your temperature setting and the room temperature. Economy mode : Limits the maximum operation current, and performs operation with the power consumption suppressed. Powerful mode : Operation at maximum air flow and compressor speed, and quickly makes the room comfortable. Sleep timer : The micro-computer gradually changes the room temperature automatically to afford a comfortable night's sleep. Program timer : This digital timer allows selection of one of four options:ON, OFF, ON → OFF or OFF → ON. Filter sign : Indicates the filter cleaning period by lamp. Washable panel

PDFCatalog ASAG09JLC (264KB)


Indoor Unit : ASYG09LLC

Outdoor Unit : AOYG09LLC

Power Source V/Φ/Hz 230V~50Hz
Capacity Cooling kW 2.50(0.9~3.0)
Heating 3.20(0.9~3.6)
Input Power Cooling/Heating kW 0.745/0.865
EER Cooling W/W 3.36
COP Heating 3.70
Running Current Cooling/Heating A 4.0/4.7
Moisture Removal I/h 1.3
Noise(Indoor) Cooling H/M/L/Q dB(A) 43/38/33/22
Noise(Outdoor) Cooling 47
Airflow Rate (High) Indoor / Outdoor m³/h 720/1710
Net Dimension
H × W × D
Indoor mm 262×820×206
kg(lbs) 7.0(15)
Outdoor mm 535×663×293
kg(lbs) 24(53)
Piping Connections (Small / Large) mm 6.35/9.52
Drain Hose Diameter (I.D./O.D.) 13.8/15.8 to 16.7
Max Pipe Length (Pre-Charge) m 15(10)
Max Height Difference 10
Operation Range Cooling °CDB 18~43
Heating -15~24
Refrigerant R410A


Remote Controller Holder

Protective net


Inner Dimensions : 262×820×206mm


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