Group Remote Controller UTY-CGGY


Max. Controllable :
8 remote controller groups
Max. Controllable :
64 group R.C. in a VRF network system
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Group control of indoor units with simple operation

  • Up to 8 remote controller groups can be controlled by one Group Remote Controller.
  • Up to 64 Group Remote Controllers can be connected in one VRF network system.
  • Network Convertor is required to connect Group Remote Controllers to a VRF network system. (Network Convertor allows up to 4 Group Remote Controllers)
  • 3-wire type

Control up to 8 remote controller groups

Single Group Remote Controller controls and monitors up to 8 remote controller groups.

Group Remote Controller 1:
To control office room, lounge, restaurant and lobby (8 remote controller groups)
Group Remote Controller 2:
To control guest room and launge (7 remote controller groups)

High performance and compact size

ON / OFF, Operating mode, Room temperature and Fan speed setting can be controlled / monitored centrally or individually.

Built-in weekly timers

The weekly timer is provided as a standard function.


Model Name UTY-CGGY
Power Supply DC 12 V
Net Dimensions Height 120 mm
Width 120 mm
Depth 18 mm
Net Weight 200 g
Battery 1.5 V (R03 / LR03 / AAA) × 2
DC12 V is supplied by the indoor unit.