WATERSTAGE™ (Air to Water) SPLIT TYPE High Power Series


High leaving water temperature

High power series

At -20°C outdoor temperature: 60°C Hot water

High leaving water temperature of 60°C is kept even when outdoor temperature is down to -20°C without using backup heaters.

If you want to raise the hot water supply temperature, backup heaters can be used for auxiliary operation.

High COP

Air to water heat pumps work with much more efficiency and save more energy than a traditional heating system.

2 Zone individual control*

2 Zone individual control (2 under floor heating zones or under floor heating + radiator zone, etc.)*

Automatic heating curve control

Automatic temperature regulation in accordance with heating curve (Depends on heating terminal and outdoor temperature)

High durability

  • Corrosion protected
  • No flow switch necessary
  • Anti-freeze-protection is unnecessary

Emergency operation

System can continuously supply hot water by built in back up heater or boiler, as emergency, even if an error has occurred.