WATERSTAGE (Air to Water)

SPLIT TYPE Comfort Series



System Configuration

Optional Parts



Hydraulic unit WSYA100DD6

Outdoor unit WOYA080LDC



  • High Efficiency Technology
  • High Efficiency & Comfort
  • Intelligent Control
  • High Reliability


Hydraulic unit : WSYA100DD6

Outdoor unit : WOYA080LDC

Capacity range 8kW
+7°C / +35°C floor heating*1 Heating capacity 7.50kW
Input power 1.84kW
COP 4.08
+2°C / +35°C floor heating*1 Heating capacity 5.65kW
Input power 1.78kW
COP 3.17
-7°C / +35°C floor heating*1 Heating capacity 5.70kW
Input power 2.23kW
COP 2.56
+7°C / +45°C radiators*1 Heating capacity 6.20kW
Input power 1.87kW
COP 3.31
-7°C / +45°C radiators*1 Heating capacity 5.05kW
Input power 2.47kW
COP 2.04
Backup heater Capacity 6.0kW×pcs.(3.0×2pcs)
Hydraulic unit Model name WSYA100DD6
Power source 1Φ 230V, 50Hz
Water circulation Rated 17.33L/min
Min / Max 10.8/21.7L/min
Dimensions H×W×D 800 × 450 × 457mm
Weight (Net) 42kg
Buffer tank capacity 16L
Expansion vessel capacity 8L
Leaving water temperature range 8 ~ 55°C
Water pipe connection diameter Flow / Return Φ25.4 / Φ25.4mm
Outdoor unit Model name WOYA080LDC
Power source 1Φ 230V, 50Hz
Current Rated 6.3A
Max 12.5A
Noise level (Sound pressure) 51dB(A)*2
Dimensions H×W×D 620 × 790 × 290mm
Weight (Net) 41kg
Refrigerant R410A
Refrigerant amount 1.40kg
Additional refrigerant charge amount 20g/m
Connection pipe Diameter Liquid Φ6.35mm
Gas Φ15.88mm
Length Min / Max 5 / 20m
Length (chargeless) Max 15m
Height difference Max 15m
Operation range Heating -20 ~ 35°C
The values of heating capacity/power input/COP are based on measurement of EN14511 standard.
Usage environment, such as operation of the heating equipment, room temperature, and controller adjustments, may cause disparities between practically determined and these values.
Sound pressure level measured at distance of 1m from the device.

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Hydraulic Unit (WSYA100DD6)

Hydraulic unit Dimensions : 800 × 450 × 457mm

Outdoor Unit (WOYA080LDC)

Outdoor Unit Dimensions : 620 × 790 × 290mm


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