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October 30, 2017



Strengthening air conditioner product lineup for Europe including "AIRSTAGE®" J-ⅢL series, multi air conditioning system for stores and offices realizing the industry’s smallest (*1) outdoor unit and top class low sound operation.

Our company strengthened the product lineup of commercial use air conditioners including multi air conditioning system "AIRSTAGE®" J-ⅢL series realizing the industry’s smallest outdoor unit (1,428mm H x 1,080mm W x 480mm D) for expanding the business of air conditioners for small scale stores and offices in Europe.

For small stores and offices in Europe, there are many places where installation of facility equipment is restricted to preserve the landscape, and it is required to install outdoor units utilizing narrow space such as gaps or balcony of buildings. In the "AIRSTAGE®" J-ⅢL series, the cabinet structure of outdoor unit was reviewed and the industry’s smallest compact indoor unit was realized.

Also, the top class low sound operation was realized by reviewing the fan shape of outdoor unit and the amount of refrigerant used was reduced by optimizing the structure of heat exchanger.

In addition, the multi air conditioning system (8/10 HP) with outdoor unit of the same size as J-ⅢL operating 4 indoor units simultaneously and the large size duct single air conditioners (8/10 HP) in which indoor units can be carried in a divided manner were added to the lineup to respond to various needs according to the usage form of building.

Conventional model (V series)、J-ⅢL series

Industry’s smallest outdoor unit (The form is common for "AIRSTAGE®" J-ⅢL series, multi air conditioning system with 4 indoor units simultaneous operation and large size duct single air conditioner)

Larger View

J-ⅢL series image (JPG: 558KB)

*1: In the multi air conditioning system of 12 HP class for stores and offices. As of October 30, 2017. (According to our company’ survey)

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