June 25, 2020


Fujitsu General Group's Response to COVID-19

First of all, we would like to express our deepest condolences for the many lives lost to COVID-19 and extend our sympathy to those who are suffering from the disease.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fujitsu General Group has taken actions to protect the health and safety of our employees and their families as well as our customers, and to ensure the continuity of our business operations. We will continue to do everything possible to keep all of our stakeholders healthy and safe, while continuing to deliver products and services uninterrupted to customers.

The following is a summary of the actions we have taken to date. We will update our actions on an ongoing and timely basis to better respond to any new developments that may arise going forward.

1. Basic Policy

As a good corporate citizen, the Fujitsu General Group takes it upon itself to prevent the contracting and spreading of COVID-19 and continue to operate critical business functions amid this global health crisis. To achieve this objective, we implement the following three key initiatives:

  1. Do everything possible to keep our employees and their families, customers, and community members healthy and safe
  2. Work to contain the spread of COVID-19
  3. Continue to deliver to customers products and services essential to their lifestyle and business needs

2. Actions Taken Against the Spread of COVID-19

We have taken the following actions to ensure the continuity of our business operations in the anticipation that it will take some time for the pandemic to subside.

We will review and update our actions as we watch closely for how the outbreak will unfold.

  1. If a Fujitsu General Group employee comes down with a fever or other common symptoms of a cold, or if an employee or a family member with whom they live is found to be positive with COVID-19 or to have had close contact with someone who has COVID-19, that employee must stay at home.
  2. We provide more flexible working arrangements to employees, such as:
    • Encourage employees to adopt teleworking and flexible working hours so that they can continue to do their jobs regardless of time and place.
    • Avoid non-essential domestic business travels and make greater use of online video conferences. Restrict all international business travel.
    • Cancel face-to-face meetings and events with external parties and replace them with online meetings or online delivery of content.
  3. We ask our customers to switch to online teleconferences instead of visiting us in person. When they choose to visit us, we ask them to wear facial masks and follow the safety rules we have established.

3. If a Fujitsu General Group employee is found positive with COVID-19

If a Fujitsu General Group employee is confirmed positive with COVID-19, we will immediately notify the public health authorities and, under their guidance, retroactively track the employee’s movements so as to identify those who may have made close contact with the employee as well as those whose health condition is to be monitored. Based on the findings, we will determine whether to disinfect or temporarily close the office in which the employee has worked.

4. Customer Services

Fujitsu General will continue to deliver products and services, including repair, installation, and maintenance of products, to our customers. Please note that customer services may not be available in some areas.