Environment : Policy / Environmental Action Plan Mid-Term Environmental Action Plan

Fujitsu General Group established the "Mid-Term Environmental Action Plan” in 2016 with FY2030 as the final target year as a concrete plan to implement measures for the "Fujitsu General Group Environmental Policy” and for the climate change which is the highest priority theme in materiality analysis. This time, in order to promote the realization of a sustainable society more positively, we have reviewed the "Mid-Term Environmental Action Plan".
All employees share the goals to be achieved in the medium term, and while contributing to the achievement of the SDGs, we aim to achieve both reduction of environmental load and improvement of corporate value.

1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1, 2) related to our own business activities to virtually zero by FY2030.

2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the supply chain network by 30% by FY2035 (Scope3 *) compared to FY2018.

Excluding category 11 of Scope 3

3. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the use of products * sold worldwide by 30% by FY2030. (Compared to FY2013)

Air conditioning equipment