Airstage™ (VRF Systems) V-III TROPICAL Series

System Outline

Excellent energy saving

Heat pump inverter type realizes the highly energy saving air conditioning for individual cooling and heating operation by all inverter technology for seasonal efficiency.

High design flexibility for various building air conditioning

High design flexibly meets the various needs of high-rise building air conditioning such as outdoor unit roof top concentrated installation and each floor installation by large capacity combination, sufficient connection capacity, and high static pressure design.

Easy installation and maintenance

The flexible communication method and piping connections makes installation and maintenance easy even for large systems.


High ambient operation design

Possible to operate cooling up to 52ºC outdoor temperature

Energy saving technology that boosted operation efficiency

Powerful large propeller fan

By using CFD*1 technology, a newly designed fan achieves high performance and low noise operation.

CFD = Computational Fluid Dynamics

3 phase DC fan motor

Efficiency is substantially improved by high efficient motor with sophisticated driver control. In addition, low noise is realized by DC fan motor.

Subcool heat exchanger

High Heat Exchange efficiency is achieved by using an internal projection shape double pipe construction.

Sine-wave DC inverter control

High efficiency is realized by adoption of reduced switching loss IPM.

High efficient and large capacity DC inverter compressor

Large capacity high efficient DC twin rotary compressor with excellent intermediate capability.

4-face heat exchanger

Heat exchange efficiency is significantly improved by the introduction of a new 4-face heat exchanger that increases effective surface area.

Front intake port (corner cut air inhaling structure)

In multiple outdoor unit installations, the unique front intake design improves airflow into the Heat Exchanger.

Heavy anti-corossion treatment design

PCB and Electronic components

High ambient temperature compatible electric components. Added silicon coating on all PCB circuits for anti-corrosion.

Blue fin heat exchanger

Hydrophilic coating, Cobalt Blue protection, Aluminium base material

All screws and hinges

Added zinc chrome acid film treatment.

Anti-corrosion coated casing parts

Satisfied the JRA*1 heavy anti-corrosion regulation(4002)

JRA=Japan Refrigeration Association

High ambient & corrosion compatible

PCB componets Refrigerant cycle component.

Powerful cooling capacity design

High cooling power has been realized by adopting large heat exchanger, high capacity DC inverter compressor, sub-cooler equipment, etc.