FAQs : Wireless Control How can I use the wireless LAN function?

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You will need the following.

Items you will need:

  • An air conditioner equipped with FGL smartphone link function
  • A wireless router (Compatible with the "IEEE802.11b/g/n communications standard and frequency bands: 2.4GHz[1ch~13ch])
  • FGLair (App name)
  • A mobile device (Note 1)
Note 1 :
Compatible OS: Android OS 4.1 or later and iOS 8.0 or later

Wireless function settings:

  • Create a user account with the mobile app
  • Wireless LAN setup

(Air conditioner and router connection settings + Air conditioner and mobile app connection settings)

Refer to the WLAN Setting Manual

"FGLair" is a trademark of Fujitsu General Limited.