FAQs : Wireless Control I want to initialize the wireless functions of my air conditioner

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If you wish to discard your wireless adapter or transfer it to a third party, please make sure to initialize it to prevent the mistaken operation of your air conditioner.

If you wish to initialize a wireless adapter of an air conditioner that has already been registered with FGLair, please delete the registered air conditioner from FGLair at the same time.

Please perform the "air conditioner deletion" ahead of initializing the wireless adapter.

How to Delete a Registered Air Conditioner from FGLair

Please open "Settings" from the menu in the mobile app and then tap the "Unregister" button.

How to Initialize a Wireless Adapter

Please press and hold the wireless adapter setting button for 10 seconds. The initialization will be complete when LED 1 (Green) and LED 2 (Orange) flash on and off three times simultaneously.

Please read the instruction manual of your wireless adapter for more details.

You can download instruction manuals from our website.

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