Split Systems Wall Mounted Unified Chassis


Powerful airflow

Long-reach airflow up to 25m is provided by optimized airflow design.

25m Powerful mode (30 / 36 class)

Faster cooling

New models accelerate to cool air quicker to reach the setting temperature in the entire room than the current models do.

New Technology

Optimized airflow design

airflow 38%UP!*

36 class


  • Dual suction design Large airflow volume from dual suction


  • New long cross-flow fan


  • High output DC fan motor

6 Speed control

6-Speed fan control with added Powerful Cooling mode is provided.

Airflow 38*% up than current model (high mode)

36 class
One touch powerful cooling mode: Continuous operation for 30 minutes at maximum air volume

Powerful cooling

Higher cooling capacity is achieved at the ambient temperature of 52°C condition.

High energy saving

Higher EER is achieved by the new technologies and new refrigerant.

18 class