Split Systems Wall Mounted Model for Iraq


Cooling / Heating capacities are based on the following conditions.

Indoor temperature : 27°C DB / 19°C WB Indoor temperature : 20°C DB

Outdoor temperature : 35°C DB / (24°C WB) Outdoor temperature : 7°C DB/6°C WB

All air conditioners are single-phase types.

Specifications and design subject to change without notice for further improvement. Please check with your dealer.

Operation In High Ambient Temperature

The operation is continued under the high ambient temperature.

  • ASGA30RNWA-R : 52°C

Powerful mode

When the Powerful mode is on, operation will start at the maximum airflow to create a more comfortable room.

Auto Change Over

At Auto setting, the Cooling/Heating mode is automatically switched according to the set temperature and room temperature.

Sensor Function

The wireless remote controller built-in sensor room temperature and realizes maximum comfort.

Auto swing Louver

Vertical & Horizontal Auto Swing.