Split Systems Wall Mounted Cooling Power for Tropical Application (CPTA Technology)


230 V single phase


Cooling Power for Tropical Application (CPTA Technology)

Powerful Cooling

High cooling capacity is maintained even at high temperatures of 46˚C

  • High Temperature operation at 55°C
  • 80% Cooling Capacity even at 46°C

Comfort Cooling with Full Inverter Technology ( 25% to 105% )

* 12k model

The input is greatly reduced by using a full inverter.

  • Wide Capacity Range (25% to 102%) * 18k model

High Reliability System (HRS)

High Durability PCB

The upper limit of the operating voltage range was further increased to match the Indian power situation with large voltage fluctuations. Not affected by the voltage fluctuation than current models.

  • Operation Guarantee (155V to 280V) * 12k/18k
  • Withstands Spike Voltage at 700V * 12k/18k
  • PCB Coating

Anticorrosion Heat Exchanger

  • Coating (Painting)
  • Blue Fin
Indoor Unit Anti-corrosion Coating

Prevent prone refrigerant leak in the Indian market by the pipe coating

Anti-corrosion Heat Exchanger (Blue Fin)

Improved corrosion resistance and longer life of heat exchanger by blue fin treatment of the outdoor unit heat exchanger