Split Systems Wall Mount Flagship Series nocria™X


230 V single phase


Heating The air conditioner warms the room gently.

Heating image

The dual-fan keeps the warm air from rising and expands the comfort zone at the lower level.

Cooling The air conditioner improves air circulation in the room.

Cooling image

The cool air circulates throughout the room to provide stable temperature control.

Floor level heating

The airflow from dual-fan improves the heating performance at floor level.

Dual-fan heating image
Dual-fan in operation
In operation image

Hot airflow held lower and farther to warm the occupants down to their feet

Dual-fan not in operation
Not in operation image

Hot airflow traveling upward

Dual-fan provides better cooling performance.

Generally speaking, the higher the wind velocity, the lower the sensible body temperature.

Dual-fan cooling image

Dual-fan in operation

In operation image

Airflow in cooling operation

Airflow at room temperature
Dual-fan not in operation
Not in operation image

Airflow in cooling operation

Dual fan comfort

Wireless Remote Controller

The side airflow can be adjusted with the Comfort button on the Wireless Remote Controller.

High seasonal energy efficiency

Rank: A+++,  SEER: 8.5*,  SCOP:  5.1*
Applicable to models of all classes

Human sensor

The human sensor monitors the movement of a person in a room. When it detects that a person has left the room, it switches the air conditioner to low-capacity operation. When it detects the presence of a person again, it switches the unit back to the previous operation mode.

[a] Temperature sensing

[b] Human sensing

Human sensing image

Person leaving the room

Person leaving the room

Operating in energy-saving mode

Operating in energy-saving mode

Returning to the previous mode

Returning to the previous mode

Filter auto clean

World's First

Dust accumulated on the filter is automatically removed to improve energy efficiency.

Released in 2002. In the category of room air conditioners for the home (source: Fujitsu General Limited).

Filter auto clean system

The filter is divided into 5 sections, all of which are cleaned automatically. All you have to do is to throw away dust collected in the dust box every 5 years.

[a] Filter

[b] Main brush

[c] Dust

[d] Self-cleaning brush

[e] Dust box

Dust is stored in the dust box until discarded.

Plasma air clean

Air that passes through the indoor unit is cleaned by a built-in electrostatic dust collector. Pollen, house dust, and other minuscule pollutants are collected and removed from the air electrostatically.

Electrostatic dust collector

Clean-coated heat exchanger

Antibacterial coating* Image

Dirt accumulated on the heat exchanger is washed away by water droplets produced during the cooling/drying operation.

Antibacterial coating (not effective in preventing mold on the heat exchanger)

Smart device control Wireless LAN Adapter included

Mobile Control image

You can control the air conditioner with your smartphone, tablet, or PC from anywhere inside or outside the house or building. (A Wireless LAN Adapter supplied as standard for on-site installation)

Low GWP* for Refrigerant

R32 refrigerant

R32 refrigerant has a GWP value one-third that of R410A, the conventional refrigerant for air conditioners. R32 is becoming widely used in the industry.

GWP: Global Warming Potential