Split Systems Floor (Compact & Comfort)


230 V single phase


2-fan and wide airflow

The 2 fans generate individual up/down airflows, which cool or warm the entire room comfortably.

Flexible and easy installation

The compact and whole-surface suctioning design provides flexible installation options, including floor-standing, embedded, partially embedded, and wall mount installation to match the room layout.

(unit: mm)

Beneath the window

Inside an alcove in the wall

Wall mount

Partially embedded in the wall (optional parts required)

Flexible pipe connection enables draining and piping in 6 directions

The drain hose and pipe can be connected to the unit in the right, left, angled, or downward direction.

10ºC heating operation

The room temperature can be set to not go below 10°C so that the room will not become too cold when unoccupied.

Low ambient operation