Multi-split Systems 8-unit Multi-split Type


230 V single phase
Cooling14 kW
Heating16 kW


High Efficiency & Compact

Compact outdoor unit

Example of 14kW class multi split model : 1290mm , New model [Height difference 29%] : 914mm

Our innovative technologies

Large, high efficiency fan

Incorporates a newly designed high efficiency fan.

DC fan motor

The use of a small DC motor achieves both high performance and high efficiency.

Heat exchanger

The use of high-density piping and the 3-row design achieve a compact and energy-efficient heat exchanger.

High efficiency DC twin-rotary compressor

A high performance, low noise, large capacity DC twin-rotary compressor is used.

High seasonal energy efficiency

An air conditioner operates under a wide range of outdoor temperatures depending on the season and weather conditions. An air conditioner operates under a wide range of outdoor temperatures depending on the season and weather conditions. This means that an air conditioner operates at partial capacity, instead of rated capacity, for more than 90% of its operation time. Therefore, we pay attention to the energy-saving performance of our air conditioners based on real-world usage. The use of our all DC design and proprietary inverter system significantly improves the energy efficiency of our air conditioners operating in partial-load efficiency.

EER 4.75 (at 50% load)

Greater comfort

Optimized refrigerant control for faster air conditioning

Optimized refrigerant control allows for faster cooling of every room in a house or building to the desired temperature.

Central Remote Controller (optional)

An optional Central Remote Controller is available for residential applications. All indoor units can be centrally controlled with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. A variety of energy-saving options can be selected via the remote controller.

Centralized and individual control

Batch control of up to 8 indoor units allows unified settings of room temperature, airflow volume, and local control prohibition across the units.

Intuitive interface

  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • Large, easy-to-see operation panel

Multiple language support

Language can be selected from English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, or Turkish.

Example of system configuration

Manual address setting not necessary Controllable: 1 multi-split system Max. number of controllable indoor units: 8  Manual address setting not necessary*

When several indoor units are connected to a branch box, an address is assigned to each unit automatically.

*Cross-over connections are not allowed in the refrigerant system. Group settings are not allowed.

10ºC heating operation

When you leave the house, the air conditioner runs a minimum heating operation to maintain the room temperature at 10ºC.

Economy mode

When you select energy-saving economy mode, the temperature setting for the indoor unit increases (during cooling operation) or decreases (during heating operation) by 1°C and the maximum electric value of the outdoor unit is suppressed.

Prohibiting local control

The Central Remote Controller has a lock option that prevents unauthorized operation of an air conditioner in each room. The remote controller is also equipped with a Child safety lock to prevent children from accidentally turning the air conditioner on or off or changing its settings.

Weekly timer

Up to 4 on/off settings can be programmed per day. 2 weekly patterns can be set, one for the cooling season and the other for the heating season.

Quiet mode

You can choose from 4 sound levels depending on the installation environment. On/off timing of quiet mode can be set with the timer.

Flexible Design and Easy Installation

Large capacity connection

Up to 8 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit. The outdoor unit can drive connected indoor units up to a maximum 130% of their combined capacity. This flexibility meets air conditioning needs in a variety of room layouts.

Installation with extended piping

Indoor units can be installed in a high-rise apartment or multi-storied commercial building using long pipes extended from an outdoor unit.

Simplified piping using flare connection minimizes wiring errors.

Wiring errors are automatically detected: Wiring errors are detected before the system becomes fully operational. / Simplified wiring connection prevents cross connection: The same wiring connection can be used for a single system and a multi-split system. / Simplified all-flare connection on piping

A Branch box can be mounted in several different ways.

Available mounting options:

Hanging from the ceiling

Do not hang the Branch box from the ceiling when performing a vertical installation.

Horizontal wall mounting

Install the Branch box with its top side facing upward.

Vertical wall mounting

Install the Branch box with its control box facing upward.