Multi Split Systems (Air Conditioner) 2 & 3-4 Rooms Multi


230V 1Phase
Cooling4.0 kW
Heating4.4 kW
Cooling5.0 kW
Heating5.6 kW
Cooling5.4 kW
Heating6.8 kW
Cooling6.8 kW
Heating8.0 kW
Cooling8.0 kW
Heating9.6 kW


Space-saving installation

Multiple indoor units can be connected to 1 outdoor unit, and long piping connection is also possible. Compared with single type, the outdoor unit can be installed in various places to realize the space-saving installation.

Wide range of indoor units with various models

8 types 28 models are lined up in the capacity range from 2kW to 7kW class. Wide range of needs can be met from rooms of private homes to large shops and hotels.

Flexible installation

Up to max. piping length of 70m (AOYG30LAT4), max. height difference of 15m can be supported.

Multi type can be installed at large-size residence or buildings with multiple floors.

Max. Piping Length (Each Unit)

  • 20m (AOYG14LAC2 / 18LAC2)
  • 25m (AOYG18LAT3 / 24LAT3 / 30LAT4)

Max. Height

  • 15m (AOYG14LAC2 / 18LAC2 / 18LAT3 / 24LAT3 / 30LAT4)

Total Piping Length

  • 30m (AOYG14LAC2 / 18LAC2)
  • 50m (AOYG18LAT3 / 24LAT3)
  • 70m (AOYG30LAT4)