Smart & Comfort Control

Navigation and setting

  • Selecting the heating menu
  • Setting program timer

Large LCD panel

  • Operation status display
  • Error display
  • Plain text

Simple operation mode setting

  • Selecting the heating mode and Domestic hot water operation

Heating mode

Automatic mode

Comfort/Reduce mode switching automatically according to outdoor temperature

Comfort mode

Constant comfort temperature

Reduce mode

Constant reduce temperature

Protection mode

Stand-by mode with anti-frost protection

Automatic heating curve operation

Automatic heating curve control based on outdoor temperature and setting room temperature. This can be adjusted when too warm or too cold.

Programmable timer

  • The setting of timer operation can easily be adjusted.
  • Changing the heating mode linked with time is possible.

Day-Weekly timer setting

  • The day-weekly timer can be set up for up to 3 times per day.
  • Allows separate settings for each day of the week.

Holiday timer setting

  • The holiday timer can be set for up to 8 periods
  • If you are absent for a long time in the winter, freezing of room can be prevented.


If the cooling operation function is set, the system can automatically switch to cooling or heating, depending on the outdoor temperature to provide all-season comfortable air conditioner.

Remote control-extension

Various remote controls are available on your hands. Remote control is also available via Web. All kinds of life styles are supported.