3 Super & High Energy Saving.

Window Air Conditioners

Indoor and Outdoor units in single device.

The design of FUJITSU GENERAL window devices unites the indoor and outdoor units in a single compact model. Inexpensive installation is therefore possible in the window frame, over a door or directly in the wall. All of the models in this range are already pre-filled and ready for installation. What could possibly be more practical?


Features (Common features)

Image of 3 Super(Super Power/Super Quiet/Super Wave)

3 Super
(Super Power/Super Quiet/Super Wave)

Long louver provides wide airflow.

Tropical spec

Operation range extends up to 55°C ambient.

Image of High Energy Saving

High Energy Saving

Significantly improved EER by hyper tropical compressor and optimized design.

Auto restart function

In the event of a temporary power failure, the air conditioner will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before.

Setting mode

  1. Temperature
  2. Operation mode
  3. Airflow
  4. Super Wave
Image of Auto restart function

High Reliability

Adopting super protection against dust and corrosion.

Image of High Reliability

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